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Lane Diamond

Thrillers, Psychological Suspense, Short Stories across Many Genres

“I write; therefore I am.”

Lane Diamond is the pen name for David Lane. He grew up in Algonquin, Illinois, where he graduated from Harry D. Jacobs High School in 1978. After a short college stint, he served in the U.S. Air Force at Ramstein AB, Germany, 1980-1982, and at Lowry AFB, Denver, CO, 1982-1983. For more, please visit his website and blog at www.LaneDiamond.com.

AUTHOR, EDITOR, PUBLISHER: He writes fiction, long and short. His writings cross over many genres and focus on diverse subjects, ranging from the mysteries of the human mind, with its fragile psychological and emotional states, to the everyday joy and anguish of life on Earth. He’s also a writing coach, the editor of over 170 published books, and CEO and Managing Publisher/Editor at Evolved Publishing LLC.

He’s been an avid reader his entire life, and started writing at the age of 12. He loves a good story, of course, a compelling plot and satisfying conclusion; yet as a reader, he’s always been drawn to great characters. The characters bring him back to an author time and time again. This shows in his writing, where he attempts to create authentic, complex, real characters you can come to love, and in whose company you feel at home. Or maybe you’ll despise a character and want to stick a fork in his eye. Hey, bad guys are fun too!

He and his wife Maria currently live in Transylvania, though they visit his old stomping grounds in Las Vegas as often as they can. Someday, perhaps, they’ll settle down in sunny Bali or Belize, or somewhere else they can go to the beach year-round.

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Lane Diamond


Psychological/Suspense Thriller

Tony Hooper – Book 1

Two men, two methods, two motivations, one darkness–step inside the twisted mind of a killer, and of the man determined to end him at any cost.


Mind-Bending Sci-Fi

(Short Story)

Ted volunteered for the mission because, after all, it was just a routine trip to Mars. What could possibly go wrong?


Literary / Magical Realism

(Short Story)

No one demanded Dr. Michael Sheehan be perfect, of course; they merely required he make no mistakes.


July 2011: Lane Diamond co-founds and take’s the CEO reigns at Evolved Publishing. (See his Publisher page for more details.)

July 2011: Evolved Publishing releases its debut item, the short story DEVANE’S REALITY by Lane Diamond.

August 2011: Lane’s second short story, WIND TUNNEL, is released.

December 2011: Lane’s debut novel, FORGIVE ME, ALEX, is released. It goes on to win multiple awards and some amazing critical reviews.

December 2011: Lane’s third short story, PARADOX, is released.

December 2011: Evolved Publishing releases an anthology, EVOLUTION: VOL. 1, which is the result of EP’s first ever short story contest. It’s co-edited by Lane Diamond, and includes his short story ONE LAST THOUGHT.

February 2012: Lane’s fourth short story, WELL-SUITED SENTRY, is released.

September 2012: Evolved Publishing releases an anthology, EVOLUTION: VOL. 2, which is the result of EP’s second ever short story contest. It’s co-edited by Lane Diamond, and includes his short story TUNNEL VISION.

UPDATED – January 2022: In the years since, Lane has been focused on growing Evolved Publishing as CEO and Managing Publisher/Editor, and now has edited over 170 published books, a number that grows constantly. He hopes to get back into the writer’s saddle and complete THE DEVIL’S BANE, book two of the “Tony Hooper” series, sometime before The End of Days. (Just kidding… he hopes.)

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