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Gregg Sapp

Historical Fiction, Humor, Satire

Gregg Sapp, a native Ohioan, is a Pushcart Prize-nominated writer, librarian, college teacher and academic administrator. He is the author of the “Holidazed” series of downright funny satires (Evolved Publishing), each of which is centered around a different holiday. Previous books include Dollarapalooza (Switchgrass Books, 2011) and Fresh News Straight from Heaven (Evolved Publishing, 2018), based upon the life and folklore of Johnny Appleseed. He has published humor, poetry, and short stories in Defenestration, Waypoints, Semaphore, Kestrel, Zodiac Review, Top Shelf, Marathon Review, and been a frequent contributor to Midwestern Gothic, and others. Gregg lives in Tumwater, WA.

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American Historical Fiction

Between 1801 and 1812, Ohio and the Old Northwest territory runs wild and brutal, with a fragile peace, savage living conditions, and the laws of civilization far away. Still, settlers stake everything they own on the chance of building better lives for themselves in this new frontier. John Chapman—aka Johnny Appleseed—knows this land better than any white man. Everywhere he goes, he shares the “Fresh News Straight from Heaven,” which he hears right from the voices of angels who chat with him regularly. God had promised him personally that he could build peace by growing fruit.


Humor / Satire / Literary

Holidazed – Book 2

All Huck wants for Christmas is a revolution… and donuts. Vive la Revolution!

“Gregg Sapp’s smart witty high-quality writing will appeal to readers looking for something refreshingly and delightfully different.” ~ David Hejna, Author of “Utiopa Café”


Humor / Satire / Literary

Holidazed – Book 4

Oh, the irony! Billionaire ladies’ man Adam Erb is murdered by lethal valentine candy.

“Gregg Sapp’s creativity is on steroids in this satire by crafting a murder by a massive dose of Viagra infused in Valentine’s Day heart shaped candies.” ~ Tim Terry


Humor / Satire / Literary

Holidazed – Book 3

Neighboring small towns, Coon Creek and Golden Springs, Ohio, enter their own little war, and may never be the same after the coming Fourth of July celebration.

“This book pokes fun at both redneck conservatives and liberal academics. This is the first book by this author I have read but won’t be the last.” ~ Dan Smith


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