Putting an Attractive Face on Our Books

As a publisher, we pride ourselves not only on the quality of the books we publish, but on the quality of the team we’ve assembled. Every great team starts with the people—quality people produce quality work—and Mallory Rock, graphic artist and designer, has been an integral and valued part of our team from early on.

Bio_Pic-Mallory_Rock_v2_300dpi_760x790Every book is approached from multiple perspectives before we publish it—great story revised and polished by the author, concise editing from the editor (or team of editors), professional formatting for every version of the book, and of course, a great cover. For many of our books, this is where Mallory comes in.

She has been our most prolific cover artist, as you can see on her profile page. As of June 14, 2014, Mallory has produced covers for 33 of our books, and she has several more in the pipeline, and more coming every couple of months. She’s put a face on books representing a wide range of genres, from young adult to literary, from women’s fiction to suspense thrillers, from zombie westerns to romance and erotica. No matter the genre or subject, she’s able to produce a cover that helps us tell that story, and draw the reader in to take a closer look.

If determining the quality of literature is a subjective thing—and it surely is—then determining the quality of artwork is hyper-subjective. A cover that makes one person say “Wow!” might well make another person simply shrug their shoulders. Such is the nature of art. We have always strived to put a clean, professional face on our work, understanding that it’s impossible to please everyone, and working within the financial constraints that are a natural part of our business as a small press. We ask our artists to work tight and work clean on our behalf, and to work cooperatively with our authors to please them as well. Mallory consistently rises to that challenge.

How does she go about her work? Here’s what she said in a recent interview: “Most of my covers are created from stock art, but not in the traditional sense that one thinks of stock art. I do photo manipulation on every project. I like to blend multiple photos together to make very unique pieces, so an author gets a cover that isn’t going to look like 100 others out there. I also like to create, combine and manipulate letters and fonts for the same reason.”

SS Title PageHer work hasn’t stopped there. She has also formatted the internal portion of print versions for many of our books, giving them an added flair and making them more visually appealing for the reader.

manticore_CompWhether adding fancy graphics for the title page or chapter headings, or finding that perfect font style for the specific story at hand, or adding character sketches, as she did in The Silver Sphere by Michael Dadich, she helps to enhance the reading experience for our customers.

Finally, for some of our authors, she has produced video trailers to help entice readers and generate excitement for a book. She also creates website banners, online ads and swag to help authors promote their book. As an avid reader herself, she’s even functioned as a beta reader on occasion.
So whatever the budget—and it can vary significantly from one project to the next—and whatever demands we as a publisher put on her, or the authors put on her, Mallory Rock consistently helps to support the primary philosophy of Evolved Publishing: Quality is Priority #1.